Rush hour in Tokyo.

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Have you seen rush hour in Japan.
In city train is worst!!
I have used this train long time ago.
Its really bad.
Even you go in,you cannot come out and
pass station where I want to get out :-(
Means really bad.
I am not good at waking up in morning
so I always in this rush LOL
Summer is worth everybody just sweat and
its hot hot hot hot!!!
I am happy I am in country side now :-)
Dont want to go back there.
Many people told me to go one more hour
ealier then it should be alright.
But alarm clock is not working for me lol

By the way this is rush hours in Tokyo Japan.

When you see the video of rush hour of station,
you will be laugh lol
School student is outside of train and he still trying lol
Go Japanese!!!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!! lol

Do you use train much in your country?
Anything like this?

To wake up you need good alarm clock like this.

Super Raiden

Intruction says dont put near your ear.....
Sounds very dangerous lol

Found gadget.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Alarm clock with shreddar.
set bill on alarm clock lol
If you couldnt wake up you will loose it :-(

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Here I will introduce you safe alarm clock here lol

Hello Kitty talking alarm clock.

Hello Kittyalarm clock

Rilakkuma alarm clock

Rilakkuma Twin Bell Alarm clock

One Piece alarm clock Luffy version

One Piece talking choppe alarm clock used

one piece=ワンピース
Hello Kitty=ハローキティ
Star Wars=スターウォーズ
alarm clock=目覚まし時計


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