Lazy hand !?

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Do you know lazy hand "Potechi no Te"?
Its good when you eating snacks and want to use
controller,keyboard or cellphone it will be very greasy.
Some Japanese wants to use chopstick.
But Japanese toy company Takara Tomy made "Potechi no Te"
to prevent this problem.

"Potechi no Te" means "Potato Chips' Hand".
Potechi is short for Poteto Chippusu.

This gadget is well designed not to break apart easily,
but still firm enough to seize potato chips :-)

Do you get the urge to rub your fingers while munching chips?
It mimics that motion for you lol

Very kawaii gadget :-D

This is video how this "Potechi no Te" works.

Most of Japanese can use chopsticks but still
I want this item.

"Potechi no Te" Blue

This is "popcorn no te"

Is'nt this kawaii?
I think this item is pretty good for
people who cannot use chopstick.
Specially while you are working on PC.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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