How to make katana

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Do you know Katana?Other name is Nihontou.
This is Japanese sword.
Long time ago all Samurai had this Katana.
They think Katana is Spirit of Samurai.
To loose own Katana is very shame thing for them.
As you know katana is very sharp and strong.
Blacksmith forging by folding steel many times to increase in density which makes sword strong and tough.
Japanese sword is beautiful from thier shape shine with reflected light.
Many of people from abroad doesnt want to take a fact.
Some Tv program shows you how katana can bend.
Katana never bend if made by Japanese professionaly.But they can be broken.

I think one of reason is katana is thin and short.
Compared to broad sword looks very weak.So many people wants to prove how strong katana is.
I knew some people shoot the gun to katana.
Katana win many time.

Yesterday I found people shoot machine gun to break a katana.
result is

This is how to make Katana.

If you want to be Samurai this is start:)



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