Miyazaki Hayao's short film

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Have you seen "On Your Mark-after Melt Down"?
This short film released on 1995.
15years ago!
In this film he is appealing about environment problem Melt down of Nuclear plant.
This is story about 2men and one girl whith wings.
I think she is mutant.
Japanese goverment is caputer her as a sample.
2men are try to let her go.
And interesting part was people are living in underground.
Because of pollution?

15years ago Miyazaki Hayao already made this film.
I am very impressed with this.

watch this movie!!Its only 6min.

Fukushima orz

Miyazaki Hayao is warning about the environment from film NAUSICAA OF VALLEY OF WIND.
This "On your mark" is afterworld of NAUSICAA.

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poster of On Your Mark
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