Is Japan safe?

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Japan is known as very safe country.
We cant imagine there was a Saumurai and Ninja everywhere in Japan.
Normally we are not aloud to have any weapons with us even knives.
Ofcourse no Katana or Shuriken LOL

Only ploice and Jieitai which is self defence army can carry guns.
Hunter have rifles.
And Yakuza which is Japanese Mafia.
So many of us havent see guns.

I think this is one of reason why Japan is safe.
Ofcorse Japanese personality is very serious.
Recently Japanese number of crime is getting higher but
compared to others very safe.

One of example is many foreigner says,
in Japan every where we goes their are always bending machine.
Even right next to road.

They said never happen like this in other country.
If there are bending machine outside,somebody will steal in a day.
I feel very proud of my country.

Karate,Judo and Karate is good way to protect ownself in Japan.
Japanese police are doing Judo and kendo to protect themselves.

They must doing very well for us :-D

Is Judo and Kendo popular in your country?
I never done these before even I am Japanese.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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