Hello Kitty netsuke

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Do you know netsuke?
Its became popular from about 400years ago.
When that time men didnt have any pocket in their clothes.
So they made using netsuke to keep important thing with them.
Now a days we still have netsuke but its more very old way of using.
Young people wont use netsuke.
I think they dont know the meaning either.
Now we use "strap"for netsuke
Please use word "strap" and netsuke from now when you
use this word from search engine to find netsuke.

Recently in PIJ Hello Kitty netsuke is very popular.
Such as Hello Kitty gotochi netsuke.
They have netsuke in lots or towns and
where popular places in Japan.
Which is very difficult to get because you need
to go there and buy.
But in PIJ there is chance to get many netsuke from Japan
not only gotochi netsuke.
If you going to find in PIJ type in

" Kitty strap "then change to Japanese

This will show you about 3000 results
if you use Kitty netsuke only 600.
Still many lol

From 3000 items,you will be panic lol
You can not sleep well from today, can you?
I love to watch new items on PIJ!!!
You can go in from here.

Even netsuke

" キティ 根付 "

use this.
Need space between.
Show you 2200 items from keyword

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

And if you got any question please let me know
we are veryhappy to help you.

hello kitty=ハローキティ

Hello kitty strap Kyoto version with kimono

Hello kitty gold color Limited 2004 Akihabara

Kochi Race Course No. 2004 Haruurara Netsuke


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