Nanbu tekki collaborate with Hello Kitty

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Have you heard about Nanbu tekki?
This is very popular Traditional iron craft in Japan.

Nanbu Tekki Ironware is created by traditional skills.
As you know,Japanese always try to be very professional in everything.

And Nanbu Tekki Ironware is still made by hand.
Even Japanese have technology to make these in big factory,
but they wont because they can make better quality than in factory.

Its like a swordsmith in Japan.

This is how they make.

Nanbu Tekki is really high quality.
It looks very big and thick layer but it is not.

Normally quality cast ironware is 3mm to 5mm
but Nanbu tekki is only 2mm thick.

Even thin Nanbu tea pot is very good in thermal,thermal conductivity
and removes chlorine and impurities.

Also recently they making modern designed items.

You will be surprised if you see these.
You can feel Japan :-)

Nanbu Tekki are one of item
which Japanese want to buy.
Its really high quality !

This is must for fan who loves Japan!

Its very good gift for who are
interested in Nanbu Tekki or Japanese culture.
For your friend,Dad and Mom,brothers.
Chistmas,birthday or any present to make other happy and surprize.

This is traditional design of Nanbu Tekki tea pot.

You can get many different items such as
Bells,pan,pot,stake dishes and more.

Nanbu Tekki bells


Do you know any Japanese traditional items or craft?

Today I am not sharing only about Normal Nanbu tekki.

Because I found Hello Kitty Nanbu tekki teapot in here!!!!
Please check this! :-)

Isn't this kawaii?
Specially tea pot plate.
Its superrrrrrrr kawaiiiiiii :-D

They are selling different colors too.
I like green one.
Because its more Japanese traditional color.
I can image Bamboo,forest,Kimono,and green tea :-)

Because its hand made,not many stock are left.
Probably many people in Japan are buying Nanbu Tekki
to support people in Tohoku district.
Thats where tunami was.

Any body who are interested in Nanbu tekki please let me know.
Dont hesitate to ask me.
I am happy to help you from Japan :-)

If you want Nanbu tekki items,please go "Shop" in PIJ to order this item.

<<< Please type this information. >>>
Item URL :URL which item you want to buy.
Quantity:1 (if you want more,type in number you want)
Price : Type in price of item you want to buy.

Click "order" after you type your order.

These are hand made so don't miss this big chance!!!

Other items I found

Nanbu Tekki tea pot can use for induction heating

Nanbu Tekki pot can use for induction heating

Nanbu Tekki deep pot can use for induction heating

Nanbu Tekki antique tea pot

Nanbu Tekki deep pot for sukiyaki

Nanbu Tekki coffee pot( This price for one pot)

You can check more Nanbu tekki items from here!

Nanbu Tekki=南部鉄器
Tea pot=急須
deep pot=鍋
hello kitty=ハローキティ


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